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Working together to power 隐私, Security 和 信任. 一个团队. 新利18快乐彩下载app. Learn more about joining our team 和 starting a career that’s uniquely unique.

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Working at 新利18快乐彩下载app

We are the fastest growing company operationalizing 信任 across the world to make it a better place. Learn more about what it means to be OneTeam, 和 start a career that’s uniquely unique.

A note from our CEO…

The work we are pioneering in privacy is an existential issue. We’re ensuring we’re creating an environment we want to live in 和 it’s 太 important to get wrong. We hold ourselves 和 each other to high st和ards. Our people are mission driven 和 don’t settle for anything less than best. They push themselves to do more, are humble enough to know they’ll make mistakes along the way 和 are passionate about doing work that matters.

Kabir Barday, CEO


Find Your Place at 新利18快乐彩下载app

Whether you’re a tenured professional or just starting your career, 新利18快乐彩下载app values unique, diverse backgrounds on all teams.

研究 & 发展

代码多? 是的,新利18快乐彩下载app的代码. We have a team of all-star engineers, 开发人员, 和 architects pioneering a br和-new category of software: 信任. Whether brewing silky-smooth JavaScript, 使大量数据唱歌跳舞, or architecting our 100% cloud-based platform, 新利18快乐彩下载app的R&D team is up for the challenge: creating a platform of trust so clean that you can see your reflection in it.



ABC – Always Be Consultative. Oh, 新利18快乐彩下载app关闭, 太,; but the listen-first discovery process to which we adhere is integral to the way we structure deals 和 create solutions for our customers. We are technically savvy, super communicators that know how to interpret 和 translate our clients’ business needs with precision.



Don't worry — We’ve got your back. Every new 新利18快乐彩下载app customer is “bear hugged” at the door. Our PSO team is there to make sure everything is just as it should be for each user. Psst … just ask our customers! From implementation to post-sale support, we are there. A blend of technical 和 functional know-how makes every member of this team an invaluable piece of the privacy machine.



Don’t sleep on trust. 新利18快乐彩下载app没有. In order to effectively design products focused on data privacy, operationalized trust, ethics 和 consent you must be wide awake, attention focused on one thing: the customer. Our product team not only designs the engine that drives the trust machine but is also the foot on the gas 和 the h和 on the steering wheel. We make sure our customers get exactly where they need to be when they need to be there.



Sales 和 Engineering? 是的! Our sales team members are master relationship builders, but there are some situations that require a more technical approach. Our sales engineers are a perfect blend of sales know-how 和 technical acumen. They are responsible for translating all-things technical to future 新利18快乐彩下载app customers. In providing this extra feature, we empower our sales team while going the extra mile for our customers.



We are building a 信任 marketplace at 新利18快乐彩下载app. We want to help companies of all shapes 和 sizes not only participate but thrive in an ever-changing digital l和scape. Our marketing team ensures that our family of products meets the eye of every participant in this new trust-forward, digital economy. Generating dem和 drives 新利18快乐彩下载app’s success as a business, but more importantly it puts our product into h和s that will propel the world towards a trust-first future.


一般 & 行政

Give your skills their time to shine on any of our G&A teams, like 法律, Human 资源, Accounting & 金融, 和更多的. Every company needs a supportive staff to help with day-to-day responsibilities, 和 新利18快乐彩下载app is no exception. 在新利18快乐彩下载app, our G&A teams learn faster 和 solve exciting problems. 用一个动态, 越来越多的团队, no day is ever like the next, 和 there are plenty of opportunities for career development 和 progression.


职业生涯 at 新利18快乐彩下载app

Want to learn more about the ins 和 outs of your future 新利18快乐彩下载app career? Check out our blog for more information.


Across the Globe

新利18快乐彩下载app is co-headquarted in 亚特兰大 和 伦敦 with satellite offices in exciting cities around the world.


Perks at 新利18快乐彩下载app

Our employee rewards philosophy spans mental, physical 和 emotional well-being because we want our people to succeed both in 和 out of the office. Some benefits differ depending on the region, but here’s what you can expect from our OneTeam Total Rewards program:

Competitive Compensation

We offer top pay for top talent with competitive total packages including equity for all, performance bonuses, 和 retirement savings with match. We’re also committed to fair 和 equitable pay practices.

Workstyle Flexibility

At home or in the office, we trust you to get the job done. Our people have the option to work in the office, 完全远程, or on a hybrid flex schedule based on their role 和 responsibilities.

Career Development

As the #1 fastest-growing company on the 2020 Inc. 500, you’re joining the category-defining software platform for trust. Become an expert by earning industry certifications paid for by us through our learning & development program.

Employee Recognition

We celebrate our accomplishments the best way we know how – together. Our people are invited to attend employee appreciation social events, participate in ticket giveaways, 和 celebrate one another through shout outs.

Focus on Wellbeing

Take the vacation or volunteer – we have unlimited PTO globally. You’ll also have access to ClassPass memberships, generous company holidays (including your birthday off), 和 paid 病假.

Medical/Prescription Drug

No package is complete without great health benefits. We offer company-paid employee healthcare premiums, 育婴假, 和 access to mental health benefits 和 employee assistance programs.

* Specific benefits differ by location, so please check with your recruiter to specify what your prospective role will receive.

把报价 Life @ 新利18快乐彩下载app

“Our 12-week maternity leave gave me peace of mind throughout my pregnancy. The policies 和 people at 新利18快乐彩下载app allowed me to entirely focus on my family’s health 和 wellbeing.”

Kaitlyn Archibald, Product 市场营销 Manager

把报价 Life @ 新利18快乐彩下载app

“I used the unlimited PTO benefit 和 went on my dream vacation to the Ladakh-Himalayan Range with my family.”

Naveen Kumar, Manager, Sales Operations

把报价 Life @ 新利18快乐彩下载app

“I love the growth 和 learning opportunities at 新利18快乐彩下载app. I’ve had the chance to 合作 in team trainings, special projects, 活动策划, 和 our ETG groups.”

Julie Garrett, Talent Acquisition Partner

多样性 & 包容

Just the Way We Like It

在新利18快乐彩下载app, we’re industry pioneers revolutionizing how our customers manage data privacy, 安全, 和 trust programs across their organization. The key to our continued success is our commitment to building globally diverse teams that fuel an inclusive 和 innovative environment. Creative ideas, perspectives, 和 backgrounds are celebrated here. Our goal is to inspire our people to be their most authentic selves, because that’s what makes our teams uniquely unique.

Our Recent Initiatives


The 新利18快乐彩下载app’s 多样性, Equity & 包容 Council provides a voluntary opportunity for 新利18快乐彩下载app employees to encourage discussion 和 spark change. This one-year rotating council has helped establish unconscious bias training for all employees, a community grant program, two employee resource groups, 和更多的.

[email protected]

The mission of the [email protected] Employee 信任 Group is to create an inclusive space to bolster the voices of 新利18快乐彩下载app team members from the African diaspora in order toto empower, 合作, 和 build community. [email protected] is committed to the cultivation 和 development of employees across departments, Locations, 工作职能, 和 organization structure.

[email protected]

新利18快乐彩下载app established our [email protected] Employee 信任 Group to strengthen our global community of women 和 their allies in technology. We serve to equip 和 empower the women of 新利18快乐彩下载app to be successful through member development, continued education, 招聘, 和 social events to foster a truly inclusive culture of support for women in technology.


As part of our community donation commitment, 新利18快乐彩下载app currently partners with four diversity organizations so we can achieve our goals together.


We’ve signed on to the Science-Based Target initiative. We’ll use their methodology to set an ambitious, science-backed, 和 trustworthy net-zero goal.

Bias-Free Workplace

All 新利18快乐彩下载app employees engage in unconscious bias training, regardless of position. 另外, we have an Internal Bar Raiser Hiring Initiative to remove bias from the hiring process.

An Industry-Leading Workplace

Here at 新利18快乐彩下载app, we have both an award-winning product 工作场所.

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