An Automated 数据目录 Forms The Foundation​ For Your 治理 Program​

Enable business 使用rs to quickly search 和 underst和 data that matters to facilitate the operational 使用 of data in everyday decision-making. With 新利18快乐彩下载app 数据目录, take advantage of multiple governance capabilities in a central solution.​

AI-Powered 数据发现 ​

Automatically discover 和 classify assets 和 metadata​

Metadata Management​

Dynamically populate your data asset inventory, data dictionary, 和 business glossary ​


Maintain relationships 和 visualize how data flows across your organization​


Maintain 和 enforce rule-based data policies in the context of applicable regulatory guidelines​

show easily searchable 使用r interface of data catalog

Surface the Data that Matters with a Centralized View of all Data Assets​

  • Empower business 使用rs to find 和 self-serve high-quality, pre-defined data they need 和 decrease dependencies on IT department
  • Utilize a business-facing portal for 使用rs to search 和 filter across any property, 任何对象, 任何数据元素
  • Leverage automation to gain full visibility into the origin, 使用, 和 format of the data, 如何分类, 和 where it’s stored
  • Dynamically link related business terms to technical metadata for a unified, easily searchable inventory anyone can underst和 和 使用
intelligent classification 和 tagging of data assets 和 data elements automatically populated in data catalog

Accelerate Time to Business Value with Automated Metadata Management

  • Automatically populate technical metadata extracted from automated scans into data dictionary
  • Harness the power of 新利18快乐彩下载app Athena AI engine 和 machine learning to enrich data with classification 和 tagging
  • Leverage automated recommendations for new business terms based on patterns found in metadata scans​
data lineage visualization to establish a trusted data catalog

治理 Built on a Unified Platform to Transform 合规 into Business Value ​

  • Re-使用 data from automated assessments, 它的风险管理, 和 much more to drive an efficient governance program
  • Utilize 新利18快乐彩下载app DataGuidance to research 和 build applicable governance policies that comply with regulatory obligations
  • Visualize how data flows from source systems to downstream BI tools 和 reports with Data Lineage

Operationalize Your 数据治理 Program

Organizations can leverage the 新利18快乐彩下载app 数据治理 solution to centralize 和 automate their data governance programs. From initial data discovery to business insights, 新利18快乐彩下载app helps you know your data, 适用的法律, 和 how to 使用 that information to provide business value 和 demonstrate compliance.

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