DSAR Automation

Automatically discover, 扫描, 和 修订 sensitive information found in files 和 emails that should not be shared with the requestor to automate this critical step of the DSAR fulfillment process.


Easily upload 和 扫描 files to 修订 sensitive information as part of legal processes like litigation, M&一个,更

PRR & 《新利18快乐彩》请求

Simplify the fulfillment process for government requests like Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests by uploading, 扫描, 和 修订ing sensitive 和 personal data before completing the request with 新利18快乐彩下载app Government Records Request Automation.


Automatically Detect Sensitive Information

Automatically detect sensitive information such as names, 地址, 和 credit card numbers in a wide variety of file types 和 formats, 和 across multiple systems. 修订文件 automatically with AI 技术或 embed manual review processes before finalizing 修订ions. 

Redact Any File, No Matter the Format

Securely upload documents, pdf文档, 图片, 电子表格, 演讲, emails 和 more to be 扫描ned, 分类, 和 修订ed by our AI-driven 修订ion engine. The 修订ion process removes all instances of the data as well as the metadata associated with the information to provide a secure 和 irreversible solution.

Review What's Important, Automate the Rest

Simply review 修订ions suggested by our AI engine. 新利18快乐彩下载app displays confidence levels for each classification 和 修订ion 和 learns through each review to improve the 修订ion process over time within the context of your organization.

Leverage Built-In Workflows to Collaborate 和 Meet Deadlines

Workflows are automatically generated 和 enable assignment of various tasks to different reviewers. Track deadlines 和 leave comments to enable collaboration with your team throughout the 修订ion process. 

开始 Quickly Through App or API

新利18快乐彩下载app 数据修订 enables your organization to embed 修订ion where it’s needed most. Leverage our application to upload, 扫描, 和 修订 files, or leverage the API to integrate 修订ion into your existing tools 和 processes.

Ready to Try 新利18快乐彩下载app 数据修订 on Your Own Files 和 Emails?

Set up a 1:1 demo with a data 修订ion expert today.

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