Automate vendor onboarding and create a central vendor inventory to track relevant information on all your third parties.



Conduct your vendor risk assessments with our assessment automation functionality, creating workflows to streamline the process.


Implement any control framework, add any risk category, edit your risk scoring methodology, and build automated treatment workflows.


Monitor vendor risk and performance, leveraging our automation engine to take action when significant issues arise.


Track compliance details and critical metrics with editable dashboards, executive-ready PDF builders, and in-depth risk analytics.

Streamline Vendor Onboarding and Centralize Your Vendor Inventory

  • Prioritize your vendor inventory with auto-inherent risk
  • Save time with automated vendor onboarding workflows
  • Gain visibility over all your vendors in one central inventory
  • Aggregate individual vendor details into a single, editable profile

Automate Vendor Risk Assessments with Intelligent Risk Flagging

  • Get started quickly with 50+ out-of-the-box assessment templates
  • Import and edit own custom assessment to meet your needs
  • Edit questions, rules logic, and risk scoring with assessment editor
  • Streamline your assessment processes with workflow automation

Reduce Vendor Risks with Automated Mitigation Workflows

  • Track mitigation efforts over time to show program improvement
  • Edit risk scoring, categories, and rules directly through the UI
  • Choose from 25+ built-in control frameworks or import your own
  • Act faster by auto-assigning the right risk owners at the right time
  • Simplify decision-making with OOTB mitigation recommendations

Monitor Vendor Risk and Performance Over Time

  • Listen for critical vendor changes with OneTrust Athena™ AI
  • Trigger actions and notifications when new risks are detected
  • Automate business reviews to track performance over time
  • Create reassessment triggers using contract expirations and more
  • Build workflows across systems with 500+ pre-built plugins

Track Key Metrics with Editable Dashboards and Executive-Ready PDFs

  • Build dashboards to surface critical metrics for your program
  • Create dashboard views based on user role and preferences
  • Export brandable PDF reports to review with executives
  • Stay up to date with schedule-based reporting and notifications
  • Demonstrate Compliance with Automatic Recordkeeping

Support for 100s of Laws, Standards, and Frameworks

Our Third-Party Risk Management software is adaptable to global requirements, flexible to your needs, and trusted by thousands of companies across every industry.

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